Software Application Support

Dunstan Thomas has provided outsourcing services for software support and maintenance since 1986. With ever decreasing IT budgets and legacy technology becoming harder to support internally, outsourcing has become the cost effective method of supporting internal applications. From its support base in Portsmouth, it uses remote connections to its customers’ sites to support a range of applications across a wide choice of software development platforms. Dunstan Thomas offers a comprehensive support infrastructure which can be tailored to each customer’s requirements ensuring that development teams replicate their environment as closely as possible.

Despite the risk that will arise over time, many businesses have justification for keeping a legacy software system, such as:

  • Cost and ROI – re-writing a system in newer technology is not cheapedl
  • “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” – the software is doing the job and replacement cannot be justified
  • Stability – the software has become stable and works well

Outsourcing your software support can have the following key benefits:

  • Reduce total cost of software support and increase product lifetime
  • Free internal resources to work on new software development
  • Avoid internal resource being trapped on legacy technologies
  • Improve customer experiences through rapid turnaround of support issues and changes under defined service level arrangements

Dunstan Thomas’ support services range from standard third party software support all the way up to full 24×7 helpdesk facilities. Dunstan Thomas are able to provide a flexible commercial support arrangement including T&M, Fixed Price or Call Off to ensure that the most cost effective commercial structure is put in place and we are able to perform to our customer’s unique Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements.

Transition of services

Dunstan Thomas has extensive experience in managing support projects and understands the complexity of outsourcing software applications. It works with its clients throughout the transitional period to ensure effective knowledge transfer, embedding itself with the customer for a period of on-site deployment to gather the appropriate level of product knowledge initially. Dunstan Thomas is also sensitive to the HR issues, has expertise in HR legislation and employment transfer procedures that can be present during transition its consultants always act in a professional, empathetic manner whist working at client sites.

Online support  through a dedicated support  website

Each client is provided a dedicated client support extranet, that provides a knowledge bank of articles, FAQ, tips and tricks as well as a place for users to collaborate with the support team on issues and requirements.

Software Application Support and Maintenance – Technologies

Dunstan Thomas has an in depth knowledge of a wide range of development platforms and languages:

Dunstan Thomas Technology Stack


As Delphi specialists and partners with Embarcadero, Dunstan Thomas provides expertise in supporting Delphi applications across all versions, as well as transitioning systems from Delphi to other environments.

Technology Roadmaps

Dunstan Thomas helps clients with legacy software systems to devise software support road-maps. These enable creation of structured migration paths to newer versions of a software platform, operating system or database. It is also able to offer an insurance policy within agreements to maintain a technology roadmap and avoid third party software support issues. Finally, Dunstan Thomas can build enhancements to legacy software to provide for change requirements or new legislation. Dunstan Thomas is also a Delphi specialist with a strong partnership with Embarcadero and provides expertise in supporting Delphi applications across all versions.

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Case Study

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