SaaS and Cloudazure

Utilising cloud computing services can help business realise cost savings, economies of scale and the utilisation of cloud services to make business systems ever more reactive and responsive to the business needs. More and more of Dunstan Thomas deployments are delivered via the Cloud from the work that Dunstan Thomas Holdings does with Imago and Dunstan Thomas Energy does with e-terratrade.

Dunstan Thomas has also built a cloud market data analytical solution and a bespoke accounting software system for the gambling industry hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Software as a Service (SaaS), be it deployed in the cloud or in other environments has the capacity to transform commercial business models. SaaS offers the flexibility of a transactional service based model where customer pay for what they use, in an utility approach to service usage. Dunstan Thomas has transformed its own business models with the Imago product set delivering services in a SaaS mode.

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