Dunstan Thomas delivers an outsourcing model where all aspects of the software are managed by Dunstan Thomas, including Business Analysis and Project Management.

This model works best for legacy software application support & development where no detailed functional or technical knowledge of the application is retained by the Customer who only retains commercial ownership.

Support is managed on an SLA (Service Level Agreement) basis where issues are raised by the Client (or its customers) and are addressed in accordance with priority definitions ranging from severe to a low priority observation. Any enhancements or technical upgrades are requested by the Client and specified, quoted and developed upon approval from the Client. Dunstan Thomas will also make recommendations for technical enhancements (e.g. new versions of browser or operating systems) and can monitor market changes for any mandatory upgrades required should it support a regulated regime e.g. financial services.

The project team can be formed from onshore or offshore software development resources, or a combination of both.

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